“Social Cloud” by Mercedes-Benz Sevenval implements OneWeb project for most successful automotive brand in social web

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  • Sevenval creates a high-performance platform for the bundling of all social media channels on a single site
  • RESS server reduces loading times across all devices for OneWeb delivery
  • FIT Software reduces operating costs, as future devices are also supported
  • New social media channels can be added easily and quickly

Cologne, 02.04.2014 – Sevenval (www.sevenval.com), the leading provider of web technologies, has realised the technical implementation of Mercedes-Benz’s “Social Cloud” (http://social.mercedes-benz.com). This unique OneWeb project adjoins all publications relating to the automobile manufacturer from independent sources like blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, in addition to content from its own social media channels, on to one single website.Mercedes-Benz commissioned Sevenval with the design and implementation of the Social Cloud, a further development of its platform “Mercedes-Benz Social Publish.” Sevenval was responsible for the conceptual and technical relaunch and transformed the outdated platform into a modern, device-independent OneWeb solution. Social web contributions are aggregated and shown on a sub domain of the company’s website, forming an open and transparent platform. Interested stakeholders and fans now get an unique insight into the world of Mercedes-Benz, specifically from the customer’s perspective. News can be filtered by series, events, topics, sources including a search function enabling users to look up key words.

A OneWeb project for social media’s number one

With 22 million interactions, Mercedes-Benz is the most popular automotive brand in the social web.* Based on this fact, the platform’s performance and conceptual implementation for desktop, tablet and smartphones was key. The fragmentation of hardware, operating systems, browsers and web standards had to be considered in order to allow for optimal presentation of the “Social Cloud.” Sevenval’s FIT Software ensures the fastest possible delivery of the platform on to various devices, operating systems and browsers. Its comprehensive RESS (Responsive Design with Server-Side Components) solution delivers the appropriate display of content, ensures fast loading times and is thus a key contributor to the platform’s usability.

Sevenval chose WordPress as its primary content management system and for data retention. In addition, the company used a plug-in from anythingabout. All posts regarding Mercedes-Benz are now collected automatically and displayed with a short preview on the page.

“Mercedes took first place in the social media ranking. Being such a big corporation, the company draws a lot of multimedia traffic, enabling us to fully exploit the strengths of our RESS technology,” says Jan Webering, Sevenval’s founder and CEO. “Because of the many different sources within the Social Cloud, and the content variations connected to it, we have to juggle with thousands of combinations of devices, browsers, operating systems, web standards and display sizes. Our FIT software and the data bases connected to it ensure the best possible delivery of the “Social Cloud.”  On the one hand, the platform is prepared for a continuously growing stream of visitors and their various devices. On the other hand, it also takes into account upcoming updates and new developments in web technology, all the while remaining accessible and fully functional for every user.”

Christina Ostrowski Senior Communications Manager christina.ostrowski@sevenval.com

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