Increased customer satisfaction – reduced stress: Sevenval strengthens quality assurance by co-operating with global app quality management leader Applause

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  • Sevenval widens internal quality assurance with external experts from Applause
  • Partnership enables extensive scaling of Sevenval’s current offering and adds professional testing services in the area of Quality Assurance, User Experience, Loadperformance, Localization and Security.
  • Through this partnership, Sevenval offers world-class quality assurance for apps, online shops and gateways for every device, operating system and browser

Berlin, 07.07 2014 – Sevenval, the leading provider of web technologies, expands its quality assurance to a full-service portfolio. The company integrates its experience and know-how from hundreds of projects for both international and national clients over the past 12 years into a comprehensive testing service.

To complement its existing internal testing portfolio, Sevenval has expanded its offering to include external software testing solutions from Applause. Using Applause’s in-the-wild-testing services, it is possible to access more than 140,000 testing experts in over 200 markets. In combination with Sevenvals own in-depth technical testing, the services of Applause enable Sevenval to offer quality assurance-, user experience-, load-, localization-, and security-tests. Sevenval and Applause will coordinate, host and analyse the testing data in a way that it exceeds the current available offering on the market by far.

“We are excited to be co-operating with Sevenval. Together we can offer an even more comprehensive service to create and launch high-quality web and mobile applications”, says Applause EU General Manager, Jan Wolter. “Applause provides Sevenval with the right experts for any testing target group anywhere in the world. With Sevenval as the leading web technology provider, we will be able to deepen our testing processes even further and additionally incorporate Sevenval’s expertise in software engineering.”

Extensive scaling of tests

Sevenval offers quality assurance and extensive scaling of tests tailored to its clients’ respective requirements: Ranging from an internal test of 60 devices for clients dealing with sensitive data (i.e. banks, e-shops, media firms and insurance companies) to testing all delivery contexts by thousands of experts.


Sevenval offers different testing procedures ranging from alpha versions to the end of a lifecycle as well as multi-stage testing. Testing is executed, starting with tests realized by a small number of internal specialists up to tests which realistically reflect the products’ target audience. For example, an application could be tested exclusively by women aged 30 to 39 in order to meet a client’s very specific target audience requirements.

By using the wide portfolio of testing solutions from Applause – including testing services, mobile SDKs and user sentiment analysis – procedures can be adapted to all client needs: starting from Load Tests for hardware to user experience with Usability Testing to taking into account cultural aspects and linguistic subtleties with Local Testing, where a localised version will be checked by users of the respective market.

“Quality assurance starts with bug fixing, but it is equally important to be able to guarantee a first-class user experience throughout the entire lifecycle and for all markets”, says Jan Webering, Sevenval’s CEO: “At the end of the day, a good application is measured by the level of engagement on the users’ side. To achieve that, all features of the respective device must be supported, since quality is defined by a positive user experience. As experts, we offer our know-how and testing portfolio so that users may enjoy the best web site possible.“

Christina Ostrowski

Senior Communications Manager

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