First insights Device Trends 10/2014

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Here you go for a short insight to our latest CDR (Client Description Repository)
We want to show you the ‘Top 20 Mobile Devices’*

sevenval dT1014

Top Dogs: iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy
To be the number one, doesn´t mean to rule the world 😉 If you have a look to the holistic data, 3 types of iPhones vs. 13 types of Samsung Galaxy means: 23,3 % vs. 34,6 % market share, according to our device data base.

This is one tidbit from the conclusion we can draw from our client repository. Today, our database counts 69.047 Unique Clients. A Unique Client is the combination of browser, operating system and device.

More coming soon.

*Source: Sevenval Database 10/2014

Christina Ostrowski

Senior Communications Manager

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