Weekly #53 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

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  • “In order to save our sanity, we need to create one experience that adapts to these devices, rather than a dedicated experience for every new rectangle Samsung spits out.” Brad Frost is one of many RWD-Experts quoted with regards to adaptive design at digitalartsonline.  
  • Chrome 39 beta includes JavaScript Generators and Web Animations control, reports venturebeat.
  • Mike Sterns insights on hamburger menus, AKA Slide out menus, AKA sidebars, AKA basements, AKA drawers. Transcribed from a WWDC 2014 session, published on Manbolo Blog.
  • Apple confirms slower adoption rates for iOS 8, see venturebeat for details.
  • Update for scroll events in iOS 8: Not pausing JavaScript execution actually adds some compatibility for iOS that they didn’t have before. Read more
  • Missed the news on Windows 10 technical preview? Check IEBlog
  • Adam Silver wrote an ode to the boring front-end developer at github 
  • Keep your CSS on the fast lane with tipps from Addy Osmani. Recorded at CSSConf.eu 
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