Exclusive cooperation: Sevenval’s Mobile Marketing Unit to implement Beacon technology by Sensorberg in applications

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  • Beacon technology offers new opportunities for location-based mobile services and marketing
  • Sevenval’s Mobile Marketing Unit develops complex allocation concepts in mobile marketing using Beacon technology by Sensorberg

Cologne / Berlin / March 06th, 2014 – Sevenval (www.sevenval.com), a leading web technology provider based in Cologne,  implements new point-of-sale contact applications based on the Beacon technology for mobile devices by Sensorberg. A Beacon-Management-Platform developed by  Sensorberg (www.sensorberg.de) enables apps to interact with Beacon via the platform’s cloud. Beacon, developed by Apple, uses Bluetooth Low Energy to operate and is already implemented in smartphones and tablets running both on iOS and Android software. Because Beacons can operate in areas with poor reception, for example indoors, it  offers new opportunities for POS marketing. By combining both Sensorberg’s beacon management and Sevenval’s responsive webdesign with server-side components (RESS), clients profit from a point-of-sale development that answers to the rapid growth of m-commerce.0

Beacon technology is a growth area offering many opportunities

Already different sectors in the consumer goods industry, such as the high street or large-scale retailers, suppliers, logistics companies, trade fairs and airports benefit from POS innovations.  Retailers will interact with customers via their smartphones by offering them additional insights into product lines and special promotions. Even new application/user(?) scenarios like indoor navigation and authentification, home automation, and cashless payment using the Beacon-Mobile-Payment will be possible.

„Innovations like these will improve sales distribution at points of sale everywhere“, says Yvonne Giensch, Sevenval’s Mobile Marketing Manager. „Beacon is already being used by some of our German clients, because of its energy efficiency. We are convinced that Beacon will become an integral part of the future of location-based marketing.“

Christina Ostrowski Senior Communications Manager christina.ostrowski@sevenval.com

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