nodecamp in Cologne

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Last weekend we had the chance to attend nodecamp in cologne. And we gladly did.

My first praise goes to the hosts: they did a great job, the organization was pretty good, coffee and food were superior and i think i can say everybody had a great time.

The second praise is directed towards all of the speakers: Neither the sun, nor the noise could stop you from demonstrating to all of us, why node is a great tool and what other great tools, like IDEs, testing frameworks and more, are out there. But tools were not the only topics.

Most interesting (in my personal very humble and kind of nerdy opinion) was @mraleph, who did a great job at demonstrating how to write most optimizable code for V8 and how to find out what parts of the code are (de-)optimized. Directly followed by @ryah, who used libuv, previously introduced by @piscisaureus, to build a “hello world” webserver in C.

As i would not want to deprive you of the other speakers’ topics and slides, here is a link to those at github.

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