Good Bye Wikipedia powered by Sevenval FIT

After more than 7 years, 2 billions search queries, an endless amount of hits, scaled images, crawlers and one or another bug, we retire our project “Mobile Wikipedia powered by Sevenval FIT”. As today there is a mobile Wikipedia which is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, so no seperate version of Sevenval is needed.

Everyone can look up anything they want to know on their smartphone within a very short time. There were also several issues about the project status which needed clarifying, causing unnecessary efforts on the part of Wikimedia and Sevenval.

Due to the architecture of Sevenval FIT it was quite easy to support all sister projects and languages. On top of that the users were able to discover a page perfectly optimised for feature and smartphones.

Our software Sevenval FIT has been improved continously over the last few years. Starting off as a “Web2mobile” scraping tool, the software has developed itself to an infrastructure component for frontend performance optimisation, an Adaptive One Web presentation layer for all browsers and a frontend aggregation solution, which can be easily handled and operated by developers.

We had a great time supporting the fantastic Wikipedia with their mobile environment. Special thanks goes to Delphine Ménard, Arne Klemper, Jakob Voss and Matthias Schindler for the good collaboration on the side of Wikimedia Germany.

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