Your Tools, Your Rules – Sevenval Announces FIT14

A Revolutionary Software for Responsive Web Design Projects

  • Sevenval FIT14 accelerates and improves responsive multi-channel websites while reducing required maintenance
  • The software optimizes quality and performance of websites using any browser on any device

Berlin, Germany, August 19, 2014 – In order to have a leg up on the competition, website operators have to deliver their customers an error-free quality online experience across all devices. Responsive Web Design is no longer enough due to device and browser fragmentation, as well as the ever-changing standards in web. Sevenval’s solution enables automatic browser and device detection. FIT 14 ensures websites perform strong, for all users, in any situation. Sevenval’s clients are both well-prepared for future trends and benefit from the reduced demand on maintenance.

Acceptance from both technicians and marketeers due to its integration into various development environments

FIT14 (as beta version) is well accepted across departments due to its easy handling. Developers can use their own tools to update websites with the latest features. Development environments and editors already in use, as well as front-end frameworks (ex. Bootstrap or Foundation), can continue to be utilized.

Your Tools, Your Rules – Its modular concept and straightforward handling makes Sevenval FIT14 the most flexible solution on the market.

Sevenval offers a standard set of elements known as “Adaptive Components”, which make programming standard features much easier. For example, picture galleries can be altered and deployed with ease. The Content Manager can use Pirobase, Coremedia or CQ5 as well as other Content Management Systems. In addition, marketeers are open to choosing their preferred Shop Systems, such as Hybris or Intershop.

Sevenval’s Software coordinates the exchange of processes and content between systems. It ensures that desktops, smartphones, tablets and future generations of devices, such as wearables or SmartTVs, deliver exceptional performance.

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