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FIT 14.6.5 & Web Accelerator with improved caching

Doing nothing at all is better than doing something fast. That’s what caching is all about. This release has a lot of features to avoid unnecessary work. FIT has had a HTTP Cache for a long time. But when the time-to-live of … Continue reading

EU-Förderung für Entwicklung neuer Sicherheits-Technologien

Die Investitionsbank Berlin fördert die Forschung an neuen Sicherheits-Technologien für Internet-Nutzer aus Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE). Sevenval erhält den Auftrag, eine neue Schutzlösung zu entwickeln, um die Nutzung des Internet für alle Nutzer sicherer zu machen. … Continue reading

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FIT 14.6.4 & Web Accelerator with Improved Image Quality Assessment

With this release we are proud to take our Automatic Image Quality Assessment out of beta. We have made three significant improvements to this Web Accelerator module. In order to find the highest acceptable compression ratio, AIQA ensures that the … Continue reading

Page Speed: Der fehlende Baustein für die optimale User Experience

Der Performance-Aspekt „Ladezeit“ ist ein elementarer Bestandteil der User Experience, der allerdings oftmals nicht beachtet wird und bei existierenden Webseiten auch schwer nachzurüsten ist. Viele Website-Betreiber meiden daher eine aufwendige Optimierung, obwohl sich durch diese Maßnahme der unternehmenseigene Umsatz verdoppeln … Continue reading

Versicherungen: Digital aufrüsten oder verschwinden

Der Kuchen in der Versicherungsbranche wird neu verteilt, das Gebot der Stunde lautet: Digital aufrüsten! Wobei es darauf ankommt und wie die „digitale Mobilmachung“ in der Praxis funktioniert, erklärt Jan Webering, Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Sevenval Technologies GmbH.

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FIT 14.6.3 – New development features

April’s 14.6.3 release comes with a host of new tools for developers. It is now much easier to deal with JSON backends with the <json-parser> option. If set, the parse action will convert a JSON response into a DOM representation … Continue reading

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FIT 14.6.2 – Stability and Security

FIT 14.6.2 focuses on stability and security. We have replaced our existing CSS minifier by an entirely new implementation. The CSS parser provides better standard compliance and is a lot faster, especially for CSS files with large embedded images. On … Continue reading

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FIT 14.6.1 – Improved image optimization

FIT 14.6.1 is the first release for 2017. And, while being packed with lots of bug fixes and improvements for existing features, it even brings a few new features for both, development and administration. First off, we added the function … Continue reading

Web Accelerator

FIT 14.6: Web Accelerator with next-generation Image Compression

This year’s last release is a big one. FIT 14.6 introduces our next-generation Image Compression engine. To find the optimal representation for an image, the Image Compression engine performs a number of optimizations suitable for the input image. For example, … Continue reading

Web Accelerator

FIT 14.5.3 & Web Accelerator: Delayed iframes and more

In addition to fixing bugs FIT 14.5.3 introduces new and improved Web Accelerator features. In many modern projects, iframes are used for social media widgets and user tracking. They usually have no impact on the perceived performance of a web … Continue reading

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