FIT 14.6.11 released

Today, we announce the general availability of Sevenval FIT 14.6.11. This version is mainly a maintenance release comprising bug fixes and third party updates. However, developers will find some smaller improvements that make it easier to create custom requests for REST or SOAP APIs. The changelog provides the complete list of changes. Felix HassertLongtime HTTP lover and … mehr

FIT 14.6.10 Released

Today, we announce the general availability of Sevenval FIT 14.6.10. This release introduces new XPath functions for developers working with JSON data. The new lookup() function implements key based lookups from either JSON files or our open sourced SHMT database format. Especially the latter is very fast at runtime. The function’s purpose is to perform pain free “value-value” replacements from XSL transformations such as … mehr


Testautomatisierung: End-2-End-Tests in agilen Softwareprojekten

Qualifizierte Softwaretests sind heute wichtiger als je zuvor. Allerdings nicht mehr am Ende der Entwicklungszeit, sondern als Teil agiler Prozesse fortlaufend im Projekt. Das schreit geradezu nach Testautomatisierung, auch für umfangreichere End-2-End-Tests. Qualifizierte Softwaretests waren lange Zeit Nebensache und Testautomatisierung kaum ein Thema. Schließlich testet jeder Entwickler auch selbst, warum also noch einen weiteren umfangreichen … mehr

FIT 14.6.9 released

Today, we announce the general availability of FIT 14.6.9. This version is a maintenance release comprising bug fixes and a lot of third-party updates. The Web Accelerator’s Image Compression produces smaller WebP results from PNG input files with few colors. Such files often carry graphical images that are more susceptible to compression artifacts. However, even natural … mehr

Bimodal IT: Neuer Ansatz „Stabilität vs Innovation“

“Never touch a running system” – das gilt vor allem für Systeme einer kritischen Infrastruktur. Denn hier stehen Stabilität, Erfahrung und Sicherheit im Vordergrund, nicht schnelle Innovationsschritte. “Running” ist wichtiger als “up-to-date”, solange die Sicherheit nicht beeinträchtigt wird – findet auch Roland Gülle, CTO von Sevenval, und schlägt einen neuen Ansatz für Bimodal IT vor. … mehr

FIT 14.6.8 – BrotliLeaks

14.6.8 is a maintenance release with improvements, bug fixes and third party updates. For the folks operating FIT servers, we are happy to finally ship a solution for the „BrotliLeaks“ issue causing excessive memory use due to brotli compression. It turned out that neither mod_brotli nor libbrotli were leaking memory. However, the way libbrotli malloc()s and free()s leaves behind a fragmented heap … mehr

FIT 14.6.7

FIT 14.6.7 rounds up this year’s line of releases with a long list of improvements. We have touched all Web Acceleration components in order to improve run-time performance, compression efficiency and standard compliance. In short: we do a better job in less time! We have a passion for Image Compression and constantly research new ways … mehr

FIT 14.6.6

14.6.6 is an optimization release comprising quite a few improvements and bug fixes. You will find improvements to many of our acceleration features. The HTML Minifier runs faster to bring down TTFB. The HTTP Cache supports Cache-Control: proxy-revalidate to satisfy more responses from cache. We have removed on-the-fly Image Compression. That means an image that is not cacheable will not be processed … mehr

FIT 14.6.5 & Web Accelerator with improved caching

Doing nothing at all is better than doing something fast. That’s what caching is all about. This release has a lot of features to avoid unnecessary work. FIT has had a HTTP Cache for a long time. But when the time-to-live of a cached resource has passed, the content had to be requested again. While it is … mehr

FIT 14.6.4 & Web Accelerator with Improved Image Quality Assessment

With this release we are proud to take our Automatic Image Quality Assessment out of beta. We have made three significant improvements to this Web Accelerator module. In order to find the highest acceptable compression ratio, AIQA ensures that the visual quality is not degraded. Therefore it is essential that the assessment score closely correlates … mehr

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