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Weekly #9

Another cool mobile design gallery: – Chrome Dev Tools Reloaded. Debugging with Google’s Chrome Browser. Very interesting to see what you can do: – Understanding mobile cache sizes – A review of some JS canvas libraries – … Continue reading

Weekly #8

Tappgala – the best in mobile interface design: – jQuery HTML5 Uploader is a lightweight jQuery plugin that lets you to quickly add an upload system a-la-Gmail into your web app – 50 new and crazy jQuery plugins … Continue reading

Weekly #7

Paul Irish talks about HTML5, DOM and CSS3 performance. Watch it, it’s more than interesting! – Several different patterns for HTML5 input validation – O’Reilly’s “Designing mobile interfaces” as free online wiki version: – Spinning wheel on … Continue reading

Weekly #6

Introducing the History API – Make Your HTML Email 5½ Times More Mobile Friendly – 10 ways the mobile web is different – Cool thing when you’re struggling with vector graphics and HTML5 Canvas: Paper.js is an … Continue reading

Weekly #5

Adobe tries to bring the functionality of print publishing programs like InDesign to CSS. They called it “CSS regions” and built a prototype that looks really interesting and promising: – And there’s already a jQuery plugin as polyfill to … Continue reading

nodecamp in Cologne

Last weekend we had the chance to attend nodecamp in cologne. And we gladly did. My first praise goes to the hosts: they did a great job, the organization was pretty good, coffee and food were superior and i think … Continue reading

Weekly #4

An article about the new CSS calc() function. A feature we all have been waiting for a long time and yes: it already works in Firefox 4 and even in IE9(!): – Jeremy Keith has created a list of … Continue reading

Of large and small device detection problems: Today – HTC Flyer

One would think the incredible flood of hardware seems clear on the issue of operating system software through the extensive use of Android/iOS/WP7 and Symbian, but at least the HTC flyer lies with the Android OS 2.3.3 on my table. … Continue reading

Weekly #3

This week’s links: Nice demonstrations of what you can do with webfonts in combination with CSS3 – An overview of new features coming in iOS 5 – If you have to re-style large data tables for mobile and … Continue reading

Weekly #2

We believe in browsers. If you do too, you should consider to also create your future presentations with pure HTML5. Paul Rouget from Mozilla released the right tool for it: – McKinsey Quarterly: How new Internet standards will finally … Continue reading

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