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Weekly #28

Welcome 2012! The Definitive Guide To HTML5: 14 Predictions For 2012. – A plea for progressive enhancement. – A tel tale sign. – Initializr: With Great Templates Comes Great Responsivity! – Learn You a Flexbox for … Continue reading

Weekly #26

Mobile Performance Manifesto – Path menu in pure CSS3 – The History of the Smartphone – HTML5 History and Terminology – Notes on Adaptive Images – Case study: How to use network quality as a … Continue reading

Weekly #25

Optimizing for Mobile Performance – PhoneGap mobile development – First, Understand Your Screen – Move the Web Forward – State of the Web APIs – an interview with John Hammink – Using HTML5 Geolocation API … Continue reading

Weekly #24

Not a mobile web, merely a 320px-wide one – SPDY of the Future Might Blow Your Mind Today – Web Debugging for Safari on iPhone, iPad and PhoneGap – Collection: Must Read Mobile- & Content-Focused Presentations – … Continue reading

Weekly #20

Opera released a Opera Beta with experimental Media Capture API support. Great! – Cool presentation about HTML5 by Chris Heilmann from Mozilla – Pretty detailed article about web notifications – Nice trick: Enable CSS active pseudo styles … Continue reading

Weekly #18

Mozilla-CTO Brendan Eich talks about JavaScript – Some words about Google’s new web programming language Dart by ppk: Dart; or Why JavaScript has already won – Simple, maintainable templating with JavaScript – HTML5 Techniques for Optimizing Mobile … Continue reading

Weekly #16

Mobile Apps must die: – Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox: Mobile Usability Update – I wouldn’t really use the word “amazing” but some of the demos are nice indeed: – Making a mobile connection – Short HTML book … Continue reading

Weekly #14

What’s hot on the web? This weeks links: BoltJS – a new JavaScript framework – Which JavaScript Compressor is the best? Find it out with Compression Rater – Did you know you can track your JavaScript exceptions using … Continue reading

Weekly #12

Really high quality reading material this week. Essential articles (and even a philosophic one) for every web and mobile developer. Have fun and a nice weekend! Here we are: Comprehensive work by Tali Garsiel and Paul Irish: How browsers work … Continue reading

Weekly #11

A touch screen keyboard implemented in JavaScript. A bit buggy on mobiles but who knows, maybe you need it one day. – Did you know there is a W3C API to access timing information related to navigation and elements? … Continue reading

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