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Weekly #6

Introducing the History API – Make Your HTML Email 5½ Times More Mobile Friendly – 10 ways the mobile web is different – Cool thing when you’re struggling with vector graphics and HTML5 Canvas: Paper.js is an … Continue reading

Weekly #5

Adobe tries to bring the functionality of print publishing programs like InDesign to CSS. They called it “CSS regions” and built a prototype that looks really interesting and promising: – And there’s already a jQuery plugin as polyfill to … Continue reading

nodecamp in Cologne

Last weekend we had the chance to attend nodecamp in cologne. And we gladly did. My first praise goes to the hosts: they did a great job, the organization was pretty good, coffee and food were superior and i think … Continue reading

Weekly #4

An article about the new CSS calc() function. A feature we all have been waiting for a long time and yes: it already works in Firefox 4 and even in IE9(!): – Jeremy Keith has created a list of … Continue reading

Of large and small device detection problems: Today – HTC Flyer

One would think the incredible flood of hardware seems clear on the issue of operating system software through the extensive use of Android/iOS/WP7 and Symbian, but at least the HTC flyer lies with the Android OS 2.3.3 on my table. … Continue reading

Weekly #3

This week’s links: Nice demonstrations of what you can do with webfonts in combination with CSS3 – An overview of new features coming in iOS 5 – If you have to re-style large data tables for mobile and … Continue reading

Weekly #2

We believe in browsers. If you do too, you should consider to also create your future presentations with pure HTML5. Paul Rouget from Mozilla released the right tool for it: – McKinsey Quarterly: How new Internet standards will finally … Continue reading

Übernahme Sevenval von der YOC AG durch Management und Investorenkonsortium

Ein Investorenkonsortium unter Führung der Berlin Technologie Holding (BTH) übernimmt die Mobile Technology Firma Sevenval gemeinsam mit dem Management um den Gründer und Geschäftsführer Jan Webering. Der Erwerb umfasst die Sevenval GmbH sowie weitere europäische Assets des Geschäftsbereichs Mobile Technology der … Continue reading

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