Sevenval FIT 14.5.2

FIT 14.5.2 is another release bringing mostly bug fixes and improvements for existing features. Delayed images prioritized to be loaded when they are going to become visible considerably reduce traffic. But if visitors want to print sites, they are basically missing every image that neither is nor has been in the viewport. The new parameter … mehr

Web Accelerator

FIT 14.3.1: Web Accelerator and RDL Update

Today we have released version 14.3.1 of our FIT software, including updates for the Web Accelerator and Rapid Development Layer We have learned a lot from analyzing our image traffic. Therefore, this minor release focusses on bug fixes and enhancements of image processing. Many images are small enough, in terms of dimensions, to fit into current … mehr

Web Accelerator

Mo’ Speed – 25% faster Web Accelerator in FIT 14.3

This update brings a significant performance boost to the server-side! The overall CPU usage is reduced by 25% on average. Depending on the features in use, sites may see even larger savings in CPU time. This is not only a benefit in terms of hardware savings. Since the responses are generated more quickly, resulting in … mehr

Your Tools, your Rules – Sevenval auf der Developer Week 2015

Zufrieden mit euren Tools? Oder mal was Neues ausprobieren? So oder so – mit Sevenval FIT könnt ihr nutzen, was ihr wollt. Unsere Software vereinfacht das Erstellen und Optimieren von Webseiten und ist mit allen gängigen Entwickler-Tools kompatibel. Unser Stand auf der Developer Week Kommt vorbei und tauscht euch mit unseren Entwicklern und unserem CTO, Roland … mehr

Sevenval FIT 14.0.3 out now – here is our Changelog

Our new release Sevenval FIT 14.0.3 brings RESS to SLES! We are happy to announce that Suse Linux Enterprise 12 is now among the supported operating systems. Check the installation instructions for more details. Frontend developers now have access to our image scaling features from JavaScript through the URL API. ac-stage provides more API functions and better interoperability with ac-scroll. The core … mehr

Mobile Webseite von SPAR.at live

Kundenbindung dank mobiler Webseite – SPAR erweitert das Online-Marketing Mobile Webseite lädt geräteunabhängig in nur 5,4 Sekunden Praktische Login-Funktion für persönliche Einkaufslisten, erweiterte Anmeldung per Facebook-Account erleichtert Schreiben von Einkaufslisten unterwegs Filialsuche zeigt sich im aufgefrischten Design Wien, 25. September – Die SPAR Österreich erweitert ihr Onlineangebot und vereinfacht das Einkaufen mit Hilfe des Smartphones. Mobile … mehr

Your Tools, Your Rules – Sevenval Announces FIT14

A Revolutionary Software for Responsive Web Design Projects Sevenval FIT14 accelerates and improves responsive multi-channel websites while reducing required maintenance The software optimizes quality and performance of websites using any browser on any device Berlin, Germany, August 19, 2014 – In order to have a leg up on the competition, website operators have to deliver … mehr

Over 60.000 Unique Clients in the Market today

Device + browser + browser version + OS + OS version = Unique client. We had a look into our Client Description Repository, here are the latest results: 63.215 Unique Clients today most popular mobile platform: Open Handset Alliance (Android) leading mobile Device: Apple iPhone 5s most used Browser: Open Handset Alliance Built-in (Android) latest OS-Version: 7.1 version by apple … mehr

Playground @sevenval

In case it´s needed… What do you do, if the kindergarden is closed, Grandma and Grandpa cannot help out and the project needs your urgent support? Sometimes you need just a few hours and sometimes an entire business day. Sevenval supports our families with children. In case of need, we provide a solution. As of now, there … mehr

Become part of our team

Sevenval has been growing for years. Become part of this development and contribute your skills, ideas, as well as your spirit and all your quirks. https://www.sevenval.com/jobs ChristinaChristina Ostrowski Senior Communications Manager christina.ostrowski@sevenval.com

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