Sevenval FIT 14.0.3 out now – here is our Changelog

Our new release Sevenval FIT 14.0.3 brings RESS to SLES! We are happy to announce that Suse Linux Enterprise 12 is now among the supported operating systems. Check the installation instructions for more details.

Frontend developers now have access to our image scaling features from JavaScript through the URL API. ac-stage provides more API functions and better interoperability with ac-scroll.

The core components have received some love, too: Our HTML parser supports more HTML5 elements, the JavaScript minifier is more robust and respects license comments, more WebP images for everyone, faster page loading thanks to less inline code. Last but not least, we hunted down a lot of bugs and updated third party libs.

As always, please read the full changelog and pay attention to the Changed and Removed keywords.

If you do not use our latest software yet, don’t hesitate to contact our staff at to learn why FIT 14 is good for you.

Your Tools, Your Rules – Sevenval Announces FIT14

A Revolutionary Software for Responsive Web Design Projects

  • Sevenval FIT14 accelerates and improves responsive multi-channel websites while reducing required maintenance
  • The software optimizes quality and performance of websites using any browser on any device

Berlin, Germany, August 19, 2014 – In order to have a leg up on the competition, website operators have to deliver their customers an error-free quality online experience across all devices. Responsive Web Design is no longer enough due to device and browser fragmentation, as well as the ever-changing standards in web. Sevenval’s solution enables automatic browser and device detection. FIT 14 ensures websites perform strong, for all users, in any situation. Sevenval’s clients are both well-prepared for future trends and benefit from the reduced demand on maintenance. Continue reading

Good Bye Wikipedia powered by Sevenval FIT

After more than 7 years, 2 billions search queries, an endless amount of hits, scaled images, crawlers and one or another bug, we retire our project “Mobile Wikipedia powered by Sevenval FIT”. As today there is a mobile Wikipedia which is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, so no seperate version of Sevenval is needed.
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