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FIT 14.6.5 & Web Accelerator with improved caching

Doing nothing at all is better than doing something fast. That’s what caching is all about. This release has a lot of features to avoid unnecessary work. FIT has had a HTTP Cache for a long time. But when the time-to-live of … Continue reading

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FIT 14.4: Web Accelerator Update

This release brings a performance update to the „rear side“. When communicating with an origin server, a TCP connection needs to be established. This comprises multiple round trips. For encrypted connections (HTTPS), an additional TLS handshake is necessary to setup … Continue reading

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FIT 14.3.1: Web Accelerator and RDL Update

Today we have released version 14.3.1 of our FIT software, including updates for the Web Accelerator and Rapid Development Layer We have learned a lot from analyzing our image traffic. Therefore, this minor release focusses on bug fixes and enhancements of … Continue reading

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Mo’ Speed – 25% faster Web Accelerator in FIT 14.3

This update brings a significant performance boost to the server-side! The overall CPU usage is reduced by 25% on average. Depending on the features in use, sites may see even larger savings in CPU time. This is not only a … Continue reading

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FIT 14.2 – Reduce Image Weight, Raise Quality

The first release of 2016, FIT 14.2 primarily brings a set of new features regarding image optimization. First and foremost we have implemented a new algorithm that allows us to reduce the transport size of truecolor PNGs with transparency by … Continue reading

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FIT 14.1.4

We are happy to announce the release of FIT 14.1.4. It is a maintenance release comprising bugfixes and a number of enhancements. Many of which aim to provide seamless integration of FIT into existing Web site deployments to make use of … Continue reading

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FIT 14.1.3

We have just released FIT 14.1.3. This version comes with a host of exciting new features: At the core of FIT, there has always been a lot of HTTP functionality, and now there is even more. The new HTTP Cache partially … Continue reading

Your Tools, your Rules – Sevenval auf der Developer Week 2015

Zufrieden mit euren Tools? Oder mal was Neues ausprobieren? So oder so – mit Sevenval FIT könnt ihr nutzen, was ihr wollt. Unsere Software vereinfacht das Erstellen und Optimieren von Webseiten und ist mit allen gängigen Entwickler-Tools kompatibel. Unser Stand … Continue reading

Den Browser entlasten: Responsive Web Design mit serverseitigen Komponenten (RESS)

Responsive Web Design (RWD) – endlich in den Unternehmen angekommen und als Begriff etabliert ist die Technologie auch schon wieder überholt. RESS ist das neue Schlagwort mit dem man sich auseinandersetzen muss, will man seine Webseite nutzerfreundlich über alle verschiedenen … Continue reading

Your Tools, Your Rules – Sevenval Announces FIT14

A Revolutionary Software for Responsive Web Design Projects Sevenval FIT14 accelerates and improves responsive multi-channel websites while reducing required maintenance The software optimizes quality and performance of websites using any browser on any device Berlin, Germany, August 19, 2014 – … Continue reading

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