Sevenval FIT 14.0.3 out now – here is our Changelog

Our new release Sevenval FIT 14.0.3 brings RESS to SLES! We are happy to announce that Suse Linux Enterprise 12 is now among the supported operating systems. Check the installation instructions for more details.

Frontend developers now have access to our image scaling features from JavaScript through the URL API. ac-stage provides more API functions and better interoperability with ac-scroll.

The core components have received some love, too: Our HTML parser supports more HTML5 elements, the JavaScript minifier is more robust and respects license comments, more WebP images for everyone, faster page loading thanks to less inline code. Last but not least, we hunted down a lot of bugs and updated third party libs.

As always, please read the full changelog and pay attention to the Changed and Removed keywords.

If you do not use our latest software yet, don’t hesitate to contact our staff at to learn why FIT 14 is good for you.

Weekly #47 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

Hey, it’s Friday – time for a weekly rundown:

… and last but not least 😀

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Weekly #46 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

Weekly #45 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

The future of responsive design – how companies can optimize performance of their OneWeb projects

• Quick loading times and a positive user experience are key criteria for successful

One Web projects

• Thoughts on enhanced performance, time to market and full cost of ownership are

key for a successful project planning

• Prepare for tomorrow’s web: responsive design with server side components (RESS)

Cologne, March 06th, 2014 – Responsive web design – a website adjusting itself to the display sizes of various devices – is establishing itself as a standard feature. However, for complex websites containing multiple systems like a shop, a content management system and a data base, this process alone is not sufficient.

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Weekly #36

RESS, Server-Side Feature-Detection and the Evolution of Responsive Web Design:

Anatomy of a mobile web experience:

Cache them if you can | “The fastest HTTP request is the one not made.”:

Why Minify JavaScript?

Round-up of web browser internals resources:

Javascript libraries for dealing with touch events, multitouch, normalizing across the Webkit/IE touch models, and all that jazz.

HTML5 Bookmarks with daily news articles and bookmarks about html, javascript, css:

Getting to Grips with HTML5 Browser Compatibility:

Weekly #33

A re-introduction to JavaScript

The Future of JavaScript – take a peek today!

High performance HTML5 content in Metro-style Apps

Tracking JavaScript execution during startup

YSlow goes Open Source

HTML5 Web Notifications

Android and mobile browsing insights – Week 7

Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than all the Macs it sold in 28 years

Weekly #31

What we’ve learned from two years of watching the top 2,000 e-commerce websites

The Edge of HTML5

The State Of HTML5 Video

What’s New in HTML5 Media

Server-Sent Events

JavaScript Design Patterns: Decorator

An Object is not a Hash

Important “Add to home screen” updates:

Enyo, an open source object-oriented JavaScript framework

Some changes at our company:,3,1818.html

Weekly #30

JavaScript Performance by Steve Souders:

JavaScript Pattern Collection

The developer’s guide to the HTML5 APIs

Content Strategy and Responsive Design

Responsive embeds + RESS

Excellent CSS3 Techniques and Tutorials for Better User Experience

Cross Browser CSS cursor Images In Depth

CSS Compatibility and Internet Explorer