weekly #41 Links about Frontend & Mobile

“What are your goals?” 
Go for some news about online payment, mobile first and beacon technology:online payment:
  • iOS Users Are A Much Bigger Revenue Opportunity For Mobile Payments Companies Than Android Users
    a survey from The Yankee Group, compiled by BI Intelligence
mobile first:
According to a study by inMarket, the use of beacons (Apple brands these as iBeacons) caused
  • a 19x increase of interactions with advertised products in retail stores,
  • a 16.5x increase in app usage in-store and
  • a 6.4x increase in the likelihood that a shopper kept an app that sent them a beacon message on their phonessee www.techcrunch.com

Weekly #40 / Links about Frontend & Mobile

#tgif – as usual, here are some interesting links about mobile first, ecommerce, ibeacons and RWD.
  • State of the iBeacons: Infochart
  • CIO: Enterprises must focus on application management to enable “mobile-first” business: www.cio.com 
  • IRCE hot Topic: Mobile commerce Responsive web design is arguably the most important subject in mobile commerce today.
  • Web design companies awarded for excellence in RWD – mobile app alternative 


Trend: iBeacon: Sevenvals Mobile Marketing Unit designs first indoor navigation projects for airports and railway stations

  • Beacon technology enables targeted communication at every location with travelers and consumers
  • Indoor navigation is feasible for large facilities with a minimum budget of 200.000 €

Berlin/Cologne, 16th of April 2014 – Sevenval’s Mobile Marketing unit (www.sevenval.com) has developed the first Beacon concepts for airports and railway stations. The team is specialized in developing mobile solutions and services. This includes all possible communications and promotional actions as well as customer loyalty programs for clients such as Sky Deutschland AG and the Telefónica GmbH.

For the installation of a Beacon network as well as a content management system, Sevenval was able to get the Beacon specialist Sensorberg on board. Both companies are cooperating in the development of functional and professional indoor navigation projects. Continue reading