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RESS Server Architektur: Das bessere Responsive Web Design!

Nachdem wir uns in den ersten beiden Teilen dieser Kleinserie zuerst den Definitionen hinsichtlich der Ansätze RWD und RESS sowie den Vor- und Nachteilen des RWD-Konzepts gewidmet haben, folgt nun der dritte Teil, welcher die Stärken und Schwächen einer RESS … Continue reading

Sevenval FIT 14.0.3 out now – here is our Changelog

Our new release Sevenval FIT 14.0.3 brings RESS to SLES! We are happy to announce that Suse Linux Enterprise 12 is now among the supported operating systems. Check the installation instructions for more details. Frontend developers now have access to our image scaling features … Continue reading

Weekly #45 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

The Principles of Adaptive Design by Brad Frost  Maximiliano Firtman about “You May Be Losing Users If Responsive Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy“ Google Developer Video Getting Your PageSpeed Score Up with PageSpeed Insights Moving Beyond the Responsive Web … Continue reading

Weekly #36

RESS, Server-Side Feature-Detection and the Evolution of Responsive Web Design: – Anatomy of a mobile web experience: – Cache them if you can | “The fastest HTTP request is the one not made.”: – Why Minify … Continue reading

Weekly #33

A re-introduction to JavaScript – The Future of JavaScript – take a peek today! – High performance HTML5 content in Metro-style Apps – Tracking JavaScript execution during startup – YSlow goes Open Source – HTML5 … Continue reading

Weekly #20

Opera released a Opera Beta with experimental Media Capture API support. Great! – Cool presentation about HTML5 by Chris Heilmann from Mozilla – Pretty detailed article about web notifications – Nice trick: Enable CSS active pseudo styles … Continue reading

Weekly #18

Mozilla-CTO Brendan Eich talks about JavaScript – Some words about Google’s new web programming language Dart by ppk: Dart; or Why JavaScript has already won – Simple, maintainable templating with JavaScript – HTML5 Techniques for Optimizing Mobile … Continue reading

Weekly #12

Really high quality reading material this week. Essential articles (and even a philosophic one) for every web and mobile developer. Have fun and a nice weekend! Here we are: Comprehensive work by Tali Garsiel and Paul Irish: How browsers work … Continue reading

Weekly #11

A touch screen keyboard implemented in JavaScript. A bit buggy on mobiles but who knows, maybe you need it one day. – Did you know there is a W3C API to access timing information related to navigation and elements? … Continue reading

Weekly #10

8 useful CSS tools. Some are more useful, some are less useful – The future of css layouts – Get offline – Taking your web sites and apps offline with the HTML5 appcache – CreativeJS: The very … Continue reading