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Weekly #48 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

Mobile Onboarding: A Beginner’s Guide by Germaine Satia Craig Buckler about „Browser Trends August 2014: Massive Mobile Migration„ RWD Podcast #15 by Jeremy Keith Karen McGrane – Content in a Zombie Apocalypse – beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf 2014 Chris Coyier about Swapping Out SVG Icons Enduring CSS: writing style sheets for rapidly changing, long-lived projects by Ben Frain Working … mehr

Weekly #37 / Links about Frontend & Mobile

Yes, we’re back with our #weekly link posts! Responsive Design Begins With The URL by David J Marland Web Fundamentals from the Google Developers resources about Multi-Device Layouts and how to provide a great experience Paul Bakaus about Common mobile web development pitfalls and how to avoid them Leaving Pixels Behind, a presentation about vector workflows … mehr