Tech News #1/2015

 Some links out of the geek bubble: „What happens when you type http://google.com  into your browser and press enter?“ Heard that before? Well, here is what really happens, described in great detail: https://github.com/alex/what-happens-when … Standards and browser compatibility: http://mobiforge.com/news-comment/standards-and-browser-compatibility german links: Wieviel Millimeter sind ein Pixel? Responsive Tool ?http://www.webrocker.de/2015/01/16/liebe-kreativbranche-wir-sollten-reden/ Neuer Browser von microsoft: http://t3n.de/news/project-spartan-microsoft-589745/?utm_content=buffer527fc&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer Xiaomi setzt auf das Internet … mehr

Weekly #56 – Tech news of the week

Everything You Wanted to Know About Web Performance (But Were Afraid to Ask) http://de.slideshare.net/Radware/radware-velocity-2014webperformanceuxGoogle will add „mobile friendly“ label on websites http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.it/2014/11/helping-users-find-mobile-friendly-pages.htmlWebdesign Trends 2015 (German): http://blog.xeit.ch/2014/11/webdesign-trends-2015The future of the Internet in 2015: http://techinfographics.com/future-of-the-internet-in-2015-video-infographic/Mapping the crazy web of trade: http://bit.ly/1pesplv. Jonas Kristen

Weekly #55 – Tech news of the week

Responsive Images in Practice by Eric Portis Justin Avery about „Why you don’t need device specific breakpoints„ Enabling HTTPS Without Sacrificing Your Web Performance by Billy Hoffman New findings: For top ecommerce sites, mobile web performance is wildly inconsistent Aurelio De Rosa: The Screen Orientation API Reloaded A New Way to Test Internet Explorer on OS X, iOS … mehr

Weekly #54 – Tech news of the week

Be progressive https://adactio.com/journal/7706 HTML6 to contain <carousel> tag http://alistafart.com/article/html6-to-contain-carousel-tag/  Firefox Tools Adapter  https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/Firefox_Tools_Adapter It’s a mobile-first world. Is your website fast enough for mobile shoppers? Usage of SPDY for websites: SPDY is used by 2.4% of all the websites. Primed and Ready to Go by Brad Frost ChristinaChristina Ostrowski Senior Communications Manager christina.ostrowski@sevenval.com

Weekly #52 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

Nearly half of active iPhones and iPads are already running iOS 8 iOS 8 and iPhone 6 for web developers and designers: next evolution for Safari and native webapps Ross Gerbasi about „Apple Shows Love for HTML5 with iOS 8„ How Facebook Makes Mobile Work At Scale For All Phones, On All Screens, On All … mehr

Weekly #51 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

Greetings from Roland: After releasing Sevenval FIT14, of course, he is still a bit busy ; ) But have a look at some of his latest links: Experience the power of a bookbook™ watch youtube       A showcase of traditionally hard CSS problems, easily solved using flexbox.  The future of E-Commerce is responsive (german) – Sven … mehr

Weekly #50 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

Mobile Now Accounts for 50.3% of All Ecommerce Traffic by Tobias Lütke OpenSignal: Android Fragmentation Visualized May 2014: Who’s Droiding It Up? Improving Sass code quality on theguardian.com Responsive Tables (German) by Sven Wolfermann aka @maddesigns The Web Component Ecosystem by Rob Dodson Have I missed your favorite post? Send me a tweet @rolandguelle RolandMaking people’s … mehr

Weekly #49 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

While we’re working hard to release FIT14, some links to spice up the wait: Design Principles for Android Wear by Google Developer Yoav Weiss at dev.opera.com about „Native Responsive Images„ A device agnostic approach to inlining CSS by Orde Saunders Sara Soueidan about Making SVGs Responsive with CSS There are 18,796 distinct Android devices, according to OpenSignal’s latest … mehr

Weekly #48 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

Mobile Onboarding: A Beginner’s Guide by Germaine Satia Craig Buckler about „Browser Trends August 2014: Massive Mobile Migration„ RWD Podcast #15 by Jeremy Keith Karen McGrane – Content in a Zombie Apocalypse – beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf 2014 Chris Coyier about Swapping Out SVG Icons Enduring CSS: writing style sheets for rapidly changing, long-lived projects by Ben Frain Working … mehr

Weekly #46 – Rolands Rundown – Tech news of the week

Adrian Bateman & Frank Olivier at IEBlog about The Mobile Web should just work for everyone New findings: The median top 100 ecommerce page takes 6.2 seconds to render primary content Pintrest: „A full 75 percent of their traffic comes from mobile devices“ by Alexis C. Madrigal How to sell a responsive, adaptive atomic design process … mehr

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