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FIT 14.6.7

FIT 14.6.7 rounds up this year’s line of releases with a long list of improvements. We have touched all Web Acceleration components in order to improve run-time performance, compression efficiency and standard compliance. In short: we do a better job … Continue reading

Web Accelerator

FIT 14.6.6

14.6.6 is an optimization release comprising quite a few improvements and bug fixes. You will find improvements to many of our acceleration features. The HTML Minifier runs faster to bring down TTFB. The HTTP Cache supports Cache-Control: proxy-revalidate to satisfy more responses from cache. We have … Continue reading

third party integrations and their impact on page speed

Risiko “Third Party Integrations”: Längere Ladezeiten = Weniger Umsatz

Lange Ladezeiten durch “Third Party Integrations” führten bereits zu Umsatzeinbußen bei New York Times & Co. Das Einbinden von Drittanbieter-Erweiterungen wie Social Media Plugins auf der eigenen Website ist bequem – aber zugleich eine der größten Gefahren für eine gute User … Continue reading

Web Accelerator

FIT 14.6.5 & Web Accelerator with improved caching

Doing nothing at all is better than doing something fast. That’s what caching is all about. This release has a lot of features to avoid unnecessary work. FIT has had a HTTP Cache for a long time. But when the time-to-live of … Continue reading

Web Accelerator

FIT 14.6.4 & Web Accelerator with Improved Image Quality Assessment

With this release we are proud to take our Automatic Image Quality Assessment out of beta. We have made three significant improvements to this Web Accelerator module. In order to find the highest acceptable compression ratio, AIQA ensures that the … Continue reading

Page Speed: Der fehlende Baustein für die optimale User Experience

Der Performance-Aspekt „Ladezeit“ ist ein elementarer Bestandteil der User Experience, der allerdings oftmals nicht beachtet wird und bei existierenden Webseiten auch schwer nachzurüsten ist. Viele Website-Betreiber meiden daher eine aufwendige Optimierung, obwohl sich durch diese Maßnahme der unternehmenseigene Umsatz verdoppeln … Continue reading

Web Accelerator

FIT 14.5.1 – Web Accelerator vs Bigimage

This month’s release is mostly a “smoothing” release comprising a lot of bug fixes and smaller improvements, as well as 3rd party updates and security patches. One of the most common errors that we have encountered in our log files … Continue reading

Web Accelerator

FIT 14.5 – Web Accelerator Feature Release

FIT 14.5 is a feature release for the Web Accelerator. Brotli is a new data compression library that shrinks Web payload better than proven methods such as gzip or deflate. The Web Accelerator now includes brotli as an Apache module. … Continue reading

Web Accelerator

FIT 14.4.2 released with new Web Accelerator options

https:// should be considered the norm for Web traffic. It allows for secure communication, the green padlock looks cool, and most important: it enables the efficient and fast data transfers of HTTP/2. However, switching your site to HTTPS may not … Continue reading

Web Accelerator

FIT 14.4.1

This release is a maintenance release comprising mostly bug fixes, security patches and 3rd party updates. However, there are some interesting improvements, too. But security comes first! The Web Accelerator uses the ImageMagick library for image scaling. Recently, a number … Continue reading

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