2nd Beacon Summit 2015

Picture the scene: Düsseldorf – Glorreich Theatre – the 2nd Beacon Summit.
This location boosted an artistic, flirtatious and service orientated atmosphere – just right for a bunch of beacon junkies, helping them to release their creative and business objectives onto the like minded community.
One of the speakers who captured the audience was Alexander Oelling from our partner, Sensorberg.  He took us on a journey – explaining the known and unknown challenges ahead, that each OEM & creative company need to be aware of before embarking on there beacon journey.
However my favourite guest speaker of the day was Dave Matthews, a tech guru from the US, heavily involved in consumer-focused inventions and bespoke solutions. He spoke energetically and positively of his relationship to beacon technology and its application into our future, of its fan base, working scenarios and case studies, in which all types of sending & receiving exist – all under the tech banner of “Beaconing„. Bring on the future!
For Sevenval the key wins were the various interested parties who invested their valuable and limited time to ask about our product, our place amongst the beacon world and how we see the development of the beacon road map ahead.
For a brief glimpse into the summit with all its glory and guest speakers, please visit: http://www.beaconsummit.de
A few pictures of the event can also be seen here via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inspirato.konferenzen/photos_stream
Lets see what 2015 has to offer the beacon community and the public – I sense a change ahead of us.
Rouven & Leon
Keep Beaconing….
Rouven Van Dort & Leon Schlichte
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