FIT 14.6.10 Released

Today, we announce the general availability of Sevenval FIT 14.6.10. This release introduces new XPath functions for developers working with JSON data.

The new lookup() function implements key based lookups from either JSON files or our open sourced SHMT database format. Especially the latter is very fast at runtime. The function’s purpose is to perform pain free “value-value” replacements from XSL transformations such as mapping IDs to strings or implementing translation tables.

The returned value of lookup() may be an arbitrary string, such as JSON data. This plays nicely together with the new json-to-xml() and xml-to-json() functions that are loosely based upon the new XPath 3.1 functions for handling JSON data. They translate JSON strings into an XML representation that is returned into the XPath or XSLT context as a ready-to-use DOM tree. This is especially handy when working with API services.

As usual, there are also a couple of third-party updates and bug fixes.

The changelog provides the complete list of changes.

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