FIT 14.6.2 – Stability and Security

FIT 14.6.2 focuses on stability and security.

We have replaced our existing CSS minifier by an entirely new implementation. The CSS parser provides better standard compliance and is a lot faster, especially for CSS files with large embedded images. On top of that, the minifier produces smaller results. As part of our open source effort we have made our PHP7 CSS3 extension available at

We have improved system stability with a couple of new knobs for admins. Image compression refuses to optimize images that are larger than the configured maximum area in order to avoid excessive memory and CPU usage. Furthermore, we have added a new fit.ini setting that limits the number of concurrent image optimization processes. This is an effective means to protect your cluster from image compression overload, e.g. caused by an in-rush after a cache flush.

Last but not least, 14.6.2 is the first release to be shipped with PHP 7.1.

The SDK for 14.6.2 is available from Github.

Refer to the full changelog for a more detailed list of changes.

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