FIT 14.6.3 – New development features

April’s 14.6.3 release comes with a host of new tools for developers. It is now much easier to deal with JSON backends with the <json-parser> option. If set, the parse action will convert a JSON response into a DOM representation for easy manipulation. In case the backend sends an HTML response, the parser is chosen accordingly. When accessed from the fit-document() or document() function, JSON content is now always parsed into a DOM.

The new XPath functions fit-log() and fit-serialize() are handy for debugging and for instrumentation, e.g. feeding run-time messages into a logging and monitoring chain.

Improvements of the acceleration features are centered around image handling. We have added support for ICC profiles for JPG and PNG images, the performance of image quality assessment is much better, there are improvements for image delaying and rewriting of image URLs in CSS code as well as fixes for image scaling.

To avoid manual configuration of URL encoding options, we have changed how the default-request handles query strings. Whenever possible, the incoming query string is forwarded unchanged to the backend. If a recode of GET parameters is necessary, you can let the default-request do that with force-rebuild-query="true".

The SDK for 14.6.3 is available from Github.

Refer to the full changelog for a more detailed list of changes.

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