FIT 14.6.7

FIT 14.6.7 rounds up this year’s line of releases with a long list of improvements. We have touched all Web Acceleration components in order to improve run-time performance, compression efficiency and standard compliance. In short: we do a better job in less time!

We have a passion for Image Compression and constantly research new ways of improving our compression results. A new detection step in our Image Compression identifies redundant transparency in image files. If the alpha channel of a PNG file marks every pixel as opaque, the channel may be removed altogether. This alone may lead to smaller file sizes. However, the main benefit of removing transparency is the possibility to achieve much higher compression ratios by using the JPEG format. Thanks to greyscale support and better quality prediction, AIQA can asses more JPEG candidates, leading to smaller file size.

At the same time the CPU needed for image processing was reduced. One seemingly simple task is counting colors. Larger images may contain millions of distinct colors. However, in many cases the exact number is not necessary. Taking a short cut when counting colors can cut processing times from seconds to milliseconds!

We have also improved our markup processors. The HTML Minifier runs much faster as it is now completely written in C. HTML5 parsing with Gumbo is faster, too. Also, its parsing results are better, because we have implemented a server-side version of noscript handling. HTML5 specifies parsing rules for scripted and non-scripted contexts. However, when pre-processing HTML documents the client’s execution context is unknown. Therefore we handle noscript in a way that, while actually parsing its content, has only local effects on the DOM structure. This is especially important if noscript blocks in the document’s head contain palpable content. Reordering head elements now also handles Internet Explorer’s Conditional Comments. The CSS Minifier handles redundant HTML comments better and provides “bug compatibility” for IE problems.

Besides quite a few bug fixes we have updated many bundled third party software to keep you safe over Christmas 🙂

The changelog provides a thorough list.

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