When good is no longer good enough

We will advise you on the strategic orientation of digital business models as well as support you in regards to content and technical implementation.

Our Value Proposition

Sevenval Consulting offers unbiased expertise in the field of mobile technology including multi-device strategy, implementation as well as responsive and adaptive web project optimization. With your customer's needs and technological infrastructure as our main focus, Sevenval can increase your conversion rates, strengthen customer loyalty and improve your return on investment.
New and emerging technologies are changing user behaviour: smartphones and tablets steadily increase in importance and the PC will soon have been replaced as the primary tool used for web access. Existing websites must therefore be optimized and the adaptation to a variety of device classes like dektop PC, tablets, and smartphones must be considered. Benefit from our  comprehensive, two-tiered approach for optimization: customized to the individual requirements of each device, across all categories. Speacialist online businesses keep a constant, quick pace for innovations across all access points.
Having to interconnect several divisions with their IT department more strongly in the context of agile development and deployment processes is a challenge many business are now facing. At the same time, companies with growing sales structures need to give thought to how content and processses from various, oftentimes outdated systems can be collated into one powerful.
With their clearly structured approach, Sevenval Consulting has helped us to achieve our project's goals with the best possible results. Using responsive webdesign, our aim for our website's relaunch was to achieve the best possible user experience and usability across all channels. Aside from performance and stability, profitability of the solution was also a prominent factor.

How we work

Current technology trends always also mean new demands in regards to digital strategy, development processes and system landscapes.
Thanks to our many years of experience across different industries we can support your IT department or external service providers in making informed decisions. Here, the comparison to competitors and the market as a whole plays an especially important role.
We provide a neutral, indispensable outsider’s point of view on the resulting complexities and challenges. Without an external sparring partner, and with the demands of the daily business, it is hardly possible to make a valid assessment of the status quo.

Analysis of the status quo and assessment

We analyse your website's condition, the technical architecture and your internal processes. Using a benchmarking process, we are able to determine its current level of maturity.

Defining the optimal goals

Together we will sharpen project aims and derive possible courses of action from a list of set criteria. KPIs will also be defined during this process, so that the project's success is measurable.

Implementation and Monitoring

We analyse all results so we can offer you possible measures suited to your individual needs. Since we accompany the implementation we ensure that the initial project objectives will be achieved.
Sevenval Consulting has provided us with valuable advice on possible optimization strategies for our current web presence. Thanks to their concrete suggestions our decision-making process was considerably simplified. Above all, we were convinced by the industry comparison: using the cross-check based on Sevenval's market data we gained insights that went beyond our own research.

Our Services

Benefit from our different scenarios for implementation. Additionally, our detailed reviews will provide you with valuable guidance for your decision-making process and enabling everyone involved to adopt a hollistic, future-proof digital strategy for your company.


Be it responsive web design or adaptive web: together we will develop a customized strategy that fits your company's needs.


Improving user experience, optimizing conversion or procedural and technical development


Depending on the situation, we will accompany the implementation into existing system landscapes or develop a new structure with you.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Our experts will define your goals and analyse the existing processes within your company together with you. We will then develop a customized strategy for a web project suitable for all devices, taking into account your company's indivudal needs. Simple, effective and successful.

Responsive & Adaptive Web Strategy

Our overview enables you to leverage the latest web technologies. Use our know-how to optimizse your existing online presence or develop a new mulit-device web project.

Mobile Conversion Strategy

Using the implementation and a review of the toolchain setup we will help you increase your Conversion Rate and continuously improve your KPIs.

Mobile Conversion Booster

Our explorative analysis of your website and our performance test running at the same time we will identify quick wins who will immediately enable to increase your website's conversion.

Review And Guidance Process

Our project consultants will hone your digital strategy using a clear benchmarking. Additionally, your project will benefit from our expertise as a leading provider of web technology.

Travel sites are poorly equipped for mobile users

We analyzed the mobile web offerings of 12 travel service providers. Here is a first glance at the study’s results:
  • Insufficient Usability: Not one out of the 12 online travel companies tested received an overall rating of “good“.
  • TUI takes first place in usability tests after having scored well in four out of six fields of study.
  • While Expedia had the shortest loading times, Check 24 had the best balance between displayed information and performance.
  • Only 3 of these provide consulting, subscription calculations, and the ability to cancel contracts on a mobile website.
  • Travel service operators are not reaching their full mobile potential, missing out on a large segment of the market

“We were unable to recognize a mobile strategy in any company that went beyond delivering the identical functionalities already present on the desktop website. In our opinion, companies are missing out on their opportunity to become a smart phone travel companion. They have the chance to support consumers from initial booking, to departure, to providing information about local services at the final destination and assisting them with their return trip home. Within the M-Commerce sector, we see great potential for creating customer loyalty in order to stand out amongst the competition.” Sascha Langfus, Vice President Sevenval, Director of Consulting”

Sascha Langfus,
Vice President Sevenval, Director of Consulting

For our full report, executive summary and recommendations, please send a request to travelstudie@sevenval.com