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Quality assurance of the highest level through professional multi-device testing

Quality From A Single Source - Our Competencies

We test your apps, online stores and portals - mobile and desktop - on any device, operating system or browser.

Functional Testing

Are your applications working properly? We test them for you in the laboratory and under real-world conditions. Exploratory or test-case based.

Usability Testing

Is your application really as intuitive and easy to use as you think? We test for usability with real users from your target audience.

Local Testing

How well is your application designed for different markets? We test translations, formats and cultural aspects with local testers.

Load Testing

How well does your application cope with peak loads? We test the capacity of your systems with the latest technologies.

Security Testing

Do you take the right measures to protect your users' data? Our security experts will test your application.

Our Way Of Testing - In The Lab And Under Real-Life Conditions

Your client is our benchmark. That's why your products are not only tested by our experienced experts but also by real users.

QA Experts

Quality assurance is essential for your success and therefore a task for professionals. Our ISTQB-certified experts ensure that all methods, processes and results meet the highest standards for you.

Real Users

We have access to 140,000 testers in over 200 markets through our partner APPLAUSE. This diversity allows us to test your applications with the demands of the real world.

Quality From Analysis To Evaluation

We accompany you through the entire process, from design to proposing clear action recommendations.

Analysis & Design

Testing can quickly become complex, especially with the development of multi-device web projects. We can help you clearly define requirements and create a bespoke concept for you.

Set-Up & Implementation

We will take on the entire planning and implementation for you. In doing so, we choose appropriate methods and ensure the testing process optimally encompasses all the characteristics of your project.

Evaluation & Conclusions

What use are the best testing procedures if the results are unclear? We comprehensively prepare all the results for you. We can give you clear action recommendations based on our many years of project experience.

Bespoke Solutions For You

Quality ensures success throughout the entire life cycle. We have designed our solutions for you according to this maxim.

Quick Quality Check

Are you unsure how good your application really is? The Quick Quality Check provides you with a quick overview and identifies fields of action.

On-Demand QA

You need a fast solution to a specific problem? We give you get the right solution for any situation from a single source.

Life Cycle QA

You never want to have to worry about the quality of your application again? We'll give you quality assurance for the entire life cycle.

Sevenval & Applause – more than 15 years of experience

Sevenval complements its expertise in QA by cooperating with Applause, the global market leader of „In-the-wild-testing“.
The unique opportunity of being able to combine professional lab testing with Applause‘s exclusive „In-the-Wild“ testing methods we can offer the perfect solution for any challenge.
As a result this will not only save time and money, but also gives you the peace of mind that everything has been tested in the best way possible. Benefit from the best of two worlds: both our references speak for themselves.
“Quality assurance is far more than just looking to see if everything functions at the end of the development work. It starts with the design and continues for as long as your customers use the application.”