Digital Pioneers since 1999

We have consistently focused our work on the needs of the customers and users since 1999. Our starting point is not the technical feasibility but the analysis of business models, needs and goals. To this end, our staff in Cologne and Berlin with their expertise in consulting, UX design and technology develop user-friendly solutions and products.

In figures

Our work is solution-oriented, combining creativity with cutting edge technology.

Reliable collaboration with our customers and partners
Consulting, design, development and operation all from one team
in the media city of Cologne and the capital city Berlin
We understand sector-specific requirements
Active Customers

Well-known brands and large companies trust us
Customer Projects

Cross-sector, B2B and B2C

A strong team with a clear objective

We work as a real team: Consulting, design, development and operation all speak the same language.

We Do It

We are pragmatists and quickly come up with new ideas that are, in fact, implementable.

Since 1999

Reacting quickly to changes in the market has been an essential part of our DNA for the last 20 years.

High Standards

We apply technology to fulfil the wishes of the customers – not for our own purposes.


Entrepreneurial success also means engaging beyond company boundaries and assuming social responsibility. This is why we support various initiatives whose missions are close to our hearts.

Made by Dyslexia

Dyslexia is not a handicap, but a special ability that is becoming increasingly important in the complex, digitized world: »lateral thinking«. We support » Made by Dyslexia « in enabling children with dyslexia to receive the individually appropriate support they need to understand and develop their potential.

The Ocean Cleanup

The project » The Ocean Cleanup « was initiated by the Dutch Boyan Slat in 2013. Its ambitious mission is to free the global oceans from plastic waste. We have been following and supporting Boyan, his team and their ideas since the project's founding.

StraßenKinder e.V.

The Berlin association » StraßenKinder e.V. « is committed to socially disadvantaged children and offers them more opportunities to participate in society through access to education. We support the association in its aim to integrate all children well into our society.

Frauenhäuser Köln

Every Advent season, our team collects and donates gifts for children who have to spend Christmas with their mothers in a women's shelter. In this way we support the » Autonomen Frauenhäuser Köln « in their important work helping women and their children, affected by violence.