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Digital transformation of the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has discovered the future. Digital services for users and managers of both private and commercial real estate are the first step towards the transformation of the entire industry. Digitization opens up new added value potential - within established business models and beyond. This has also been recognized by proptech startups which are increasingly entering the market. With digital services they fill gaps that are left open by traditional providers.

The real estate industry is therefore specifically trying to digitize itself. In order to position themselves as innovative partners, many real estate developers are already working on new solutions. The direct customer interface to the customer, the frontend or user interface, has the greatest strategic importance: It is the success of the end customer that lays the foundation for new operator and business models. For this, a positive user experience is essential.

Position yourself with us on these and other topics:

Process optimization

Discover the enormous savings potential of digital solutions compared to manually transacted processes. Increase efficiency for the managers and users of your properties. Lay the foundation for a successful and cost-efficient digital transformation with us.

Customer needs

Digital services must be consistently thought out by the customer. The needs of users and property brokers set the direction. We will support you in both placing your customers at the center and keeping the focus, even in complex and challenging projects.

Technology use

Digitization is taking place in waves that are hard to predict. The development of new technologies determines the speed. Our experts help you to identify trends and their influence on the real estate industry in good time and to evaluate them wisely for your individual venture.

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immobilienmanager Award

22. Februar 2019

BAUWENS gewinnt “immobilienmanager-Award” 2019

BAUWENS erhält den renommierten Branchen-Award in der Kategorie “Digitalisierung”. Das Immobilien-Unternehmen ist Partner und Kunde von Sevenval. Wir gratulieren!

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digitalisierung immobilienwirtschaft

4. Oktober 2018

Digitalisierung: Wie die Immobilienwirtschaft in die Zukunft durchstarten kann

Die Digitalisierung der Immobilienwirtschaft ist in vollem Gange. Immer mehr Startups treten in den Markt ein und inspirieren so auch klassische Anbieter. In unserem neuen Whitepaper erklären wir, wie die Transformation gelingen kann: Mit klarem Fokus auf die Kunden. Die …

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proptech immobilien digitale services

20. Juli 2018

PropTech: Vom Immobilien-Entwickler zum digitalen Service-Anbieter

Die Immobilienbranche hat die Zukunft für sich entdeckt. Digitale Services für Bewohner und Verwalter sind der erste Schritt zur Transformation. Sie eröffnen neue Wertschöpfungspotenziale, innerhalb des angestammten Geschäftsmodells und darüber hinaus. Entwickler und Verwalter von Wohn-Immobilien sind dabei, ihre Liegenschaften …

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