Rapid Development Layer

Fast & Independent Frontend Development Rapid Development Layer

30% reduced development time for new projects

  • Fast delivery of new formats such as Google’s AMP or Facebook’s Instant Articles
  • Freedom to use all technical possibilities for the development environment despite encapsulation from the production environment
  • Independent from internal processes and restrictions

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We enable immediate changes on a seperate layer!

The Rapid Development Layer simplifies the creation of new formats, channels and websites. Access to or changes of existing systems are not necessary.
The Rapid Development Layer bypasses problems with outdated system, by aggregating content and processes from older websites and providing those items to the new frontend. The Rapid Development Layer also allows a frontend relaunch without interfering with the infrastructure.

Application Examples

By employing the Rapid Development Layer at the premium newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, all articles are re-formatted for Google’s AMP. The newspaper’s content management system is used as the interface. Therefore, mobile users can read all news of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung without noticeable load times.
Rapid Development Layer Use-Case 1
Stoll online, while the desktop site stayed live without interruption. While in development, projects like this can be separated from the live website without renouncing any of the backend functionalities. This fully functional but independent development environment speeds up the time-to-market.
Rapid Development Layer Use-Case 3

Sevenval Rapid Development Layer

  • Independent Development: speeds up the time-to-market
  • "Plug & Play": low costs of integration and opteration

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