Responsive Web Filter

Ideal display on all browsers and devices! Responsive Web Filter

20% fewer errors per page view equal...

  • 5% more conversion
  • 14% fewer page exits
  • Higher customer satisfaction

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Premium quality and responsive design for all browsers and devices

Sustainable Quality

  • Increased frontend quality
  • Up to 20% fewer errors per page view
  • Increased conversion

Easy integration

  • Implementation into existing systems possible
  • Compatible with all frameworks and tools
  • No current expenses

No risk

  • 10 day trial free of charge
  • Easy integration through web standards
  • Always up to date through continous updates

In use by leading organizations!

The challenge "web" in numbers

15 different operating systems

20 relevant mobile-, tablet- and desktop-browsers

Explosive increase of display variations

RWF enables an optimized user interface and guidance for all channels in a centralized system. Device specific adaption avoids layout errors and usability problems.

Sevenval Responsive Web Filter

  • Sustainable Quality: 20% fewer errors per page view
  • "Plug & Play": Easy integration without dependencies

Test your potential now!