Mazda was founded in Japan in 1920 and has, to date, become a global company unifying a variety of cultural influences. Mazda started operating in Germany in 1972 and since then has built up a nationwide dealer and service partner network.

Our team in Cologne and Berlin was given the task of equipping these partners from Mazda Motors Germany with new, easy-to-set up dealer websites.

For this purpose, we extended a CMS via APIs so that, with our own developments, we were able to combine three aspects: the frontend for the end consumer, the guided user interface for the dealers and the central CMS access for Mazda Motors Germany.

Guided interface for dealers

Through the onboarding process of the guided interface, Mazda dealers can set up their own individual websites within a short time and load them with content. In this way, the central content from the Mazda headquarters is automatically adopted. Dealers can independently create their own services and offers at any time, while freely defining the prices for, e.g., their workshop services as well.


Individual CMS solution with TYPO3

The websites are based on TYPO3 which we have, with individual solutions, further developed to a topic-based CMS with a guided interface for dealers. This makes it easier to operate, as e.g., by reusing individual pieces of content on different pages. The CMS access for Mazda is made directly via TYPO3 and provides full access to the basic page-based architecture. Thus, content can be centrally created and distributed to all dealer pages.


A CMS with three dimensions

The backend of the new merchant sites is based on PHP 7 and the open source CMS TYPO3, which act as a headless rest API. In the frontend, the React Framework is used as the basis for a SPA.

We have adjusted TYPO3 to meet three requirements:

  1. Frontend for end users:
    Providing content and services to both the Mazda brand as well as to the actual retailer

  2. Guided interface for dealers:
    Ensuring independence for own content and individual services to all Mazda dealers

  3. Central Administration by Mazda:
    Enabling nationwide content roll out across all dealer sites and uniform maintenance

Individual services & central marketing

For the first time, retailers can now offer their customers digital services directly via the website at no additional cost, such as setting up a test drive or a workshop appointment. It will be easier for customers to find their dealer and benefit from their offers. At the same time, Mazda Motors Germany has the opportunity via the central CMS to fill in teaser space on all dealer websites, e.g., with marketing content in special sales promotion periods.


Our services for Mazda


Based on comprehensive requirements management, we have designed a three-part frontend for end consumers, dealers and Mazda Germany. We have adapted the Mazda Style Guide for all new elements.


The websites are based on PHP7 and TYPO3, which act as a headless rest API. Using individual solutions, we have developed TYPO3 into a topic-based CMS. At the frontend, we rely on the React Framework as the basis for a single page web application.


Through detailed dealer surveys and in-depth market analyzes, we have made it possible to design a project vision that is fully oriented towards the needs of the stakeholders.


Quality Assurance
With comprehensive test management and targeted quality measures, we guarantee consistently high development quality at every stage of the project. Precise error reports minimize costs and efficiently lead to the fulfillment of quality goals.


Hosting & Service
For the reliable and highly available hosting of the new Mazda dealer sites, we rely on a Sevenval partner: The German docker pioneer which offers a proven agile development platform with high availability and full DSGVO compliance.