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Mobile is mainstream

Today, mobile surfing no longer a trend but a standard. In Germany, 24,3% of all web traffick is generated via mobile devices; in 2015 a total 1,2 billion smartphones will be sold worldwide. Emerging markets skip stationary (?) internet use altogether: there, the population will surf the internet using mobile devices only and the cheaply available feature phones will further accelerate this development. By 2017, mobile commerce revenue in the USA will be $ 113 billion. In Germany, M-commerce revenue will have doubled by the end of the year - from € 3.3 billion in 2013 to € 6.6 billion. Despite this, about two thirds of all webshops do not yet make use of their full potential and the technical possibilities: load times of websites on mobile devices average at about 5,4 seonds; even though termination rates will increase significantly from a load time of more than three seconds.

The Moving Web: managing fast front end development

Technologically the Mobile Web is constantly changing: Because of the rapid changes in the client landscape and in front end technologies we use the term "The Moving Web". An occasional relaunch will not longer be sufficient: Today, changes are the new constant. Web browsers, operating systems and technical standards bring with them constant updates to boot, which will have to be implemented (rolled out) constantly. Compared to earlier days the as-is state for web projects is no more. Having to completely re-programm the support for individual devices will turn into a costly Sisyphean task, given the pace at which new developments are released. Selecting the right tools for automated completion of this work is therefore paramount. Adapting individual features can be carried out and simplified by tools, and implementing the support of individual features in the frontend will become an ongoing process. This will be the only way to manage the increasing complexity in the frontend at reasonable cost.

User conduct in the multi-device world

Always on - this is the use of mobile devices in Germany summarized. The use of smartphones and tablets has increased by 14.6% (smartphones) and 26.6% (tablets) compared to last year. Around 8% of German consumers indicate that they are online with a mobile device for six hours per day. E-commerce shops are now accessed via smartphones 55% of the time. Because of poor performance, however, the cancellation rate at check-out is about 39% higher compared to desktop users. On a global scale, 41% of all mobile shoppers name short load times as themost important criterion for a webpage. In addition, the number of those who use more than one mobile device for surfing is growing: In Germany, more than 63% use at least two devices during the day; 21% use more than three different devices. 91.6% of tablet users state that they appreciate the convenient usability at home. In contrast, users deem the smartphone as their preferred medium for use on the go.