Digital Transformation Fast‑Track

Flexibility and fast results for your digital business model

Customer focus

For us, successful digital transformation begins with the added value generated for the users and not with the requirements of existing systems. In doing so, we are guided by the vision of what is ideal and not by the limitations of the status quo.


Agile and solution-oriented, we combine different systems quickly and minimally invasively. We automate complex processes and combine modern front-end technologies with existing back-end infrastructure and new microservices.


Using both our own and standard technology, we maintain the stability of existing systems and gain a time advantage over a complete rebuilding. This allows for different working speeds and reduces dependencies.

»The direct interaction between providers and users is the key to the success of digitization. The web as a universal communication and interaction platform offers access to people all over the world via a huge variety of devices. The technologies used are constantly evolving, thus enabling new application models for improved interaction.«
Roland Guelle
CTO Sevenval
Roland Guelle - CTO Sevenval

Technology from Sevenval

Since 1999, we have developed new software products based on experiences from recurring tasks, which we implement when needed. These include our API gateway for agile development via the frontend, and our cloud service for the automatic optimization of web performance and security with non-interference in existing systems.

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The tool for front-end driven solution development. Flexible front-end solutions and stability to backends and micro-services.

Starting point frontend

Develop new solutions for your users entirely from the frontend and upload the results live in next to no time. Integrate your systems based on the needs of your customers and create a new scope for innovation.

Optimized workflow

With a single point of truth, you can efficiently optimize the workflow between frontend and backend, service providers and your in-house IT. This saves valuable time and reduces project risks when integrating flexible frontends and stable back-end solutions.

Stability & Flexibility meets all non-functional requirements for safety and stability. Sevenval supports you with experts and offers reliable long-term assistance to keep your systems up-to-date, secure and stable. Logo

The cloud service for automatic and continuous optimization of your website’s load time and security.

Page Speed is a fully automatic solution for accelerating your website - with image optimization, lazy loading, HTTP / 2 and other performance features. Improve conversion rates and reduce bandwidth costs without changing the code on your site.

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Security makes your website safer when it’s live. Implement effective measures against current security vulnerabilities with just a click of the mouse. Protect yourself and your customers against attacks such as clickjacking, cross-site scripting or SQL injection.

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Analytics gives you reliable insights to your website. Traditional solutions count page impressions, distinguishes between real users and bots and also records, along with the load time and error rate, the health status of your website. This helps you to better understand your traffic, your customers, and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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Standard technologies

We plan and work technologically agnostic. For each project we choose a proven as well as suitable, tech stack. This is how we achieve fast results in implementation processes.


Tools we use to create our products


Tools we use to build our products


Tools we use to plan our products