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Accelerate your website and create a high-quality user experience.

"Our products allow us to deliver high-quality innovations for web-based projects. Sevenval's technology and software gives our clients a head start in quality."

Sevenval Product Suite

Our products simplifies creating and running professional websites.

Web Accelerator

The Web Accelerator combines all procedures of frontend performance optimization to shorten load times and improve the user experience.
Page load times exceeding 3 seconds produce high bounce rates. This has a direct impact on revenue for online shops, as every second of load time translates to a significant drop in conversions. The Web Accelerator is easily integrated with no need to change your existing code. Test your site for free!

Responsive Web Filter

The Responsive Web Filter enables a high-quality responsive adaptation of sites to all browsers and devices. The Responsive Web Filter reduces complexity by delivering the right answer for every device class and browser. Therefore the user – regardless of his situation – always receives a fully optimized website. Most users switch devices several times a day, additionally most devices are used with wifi as well as with a mobile connection. With the Repsonsive Web Filter you can deliver a top-quality usability even if the multi device usage is intense. Test your site for free!

Adaptive Components

Store your user interface components on a central layer. Adaptive Components are web page elements that can be customized and reused across several sites for efficient maintenance of recurring elements. Elements like scroll bars and sliders can be defined and customized to deliver a consistent user interface across all pages of your website. One example: The functionality and the layout of a picture gallery can be defined as a component and then be implemented multiple times across pages and projects. In this fashion we package functions of a website in simple, re-usable components, which can be referred to with a single line of code.

Rapid Development Layer

The Rapid Development Layer allows a frontend relaunch without interfering with existing systems. Keeping the frontend up to date is troublesome. Over the years, the dependencies on accompanying IT-infrastructures have grown and the ability to update the whole system is hard to assess. The Rapid Development Layer avoids this problem by using existing website content and processes to generate new frontends with minimal effort for your IT-experts.


Our development environment is easy to install and compatible with all major systems and can be incorporated seamlessly into existing tool chains.


Existing processes are kept if requested. Our API tools ensure the compatibility of your processes with new systems.


Our software integrates seamlessly into existing project automation and other development or operation tool chains.
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