Frontend Analytics

Analyze and Plan Frontend Analytics

Measure the health of your website directly at the frontend.

Clear visualization regarding traffic, performance and errors.

Formerly non-detectable conversion potential becomes visible due to high quality data and flawless traffic analysis.

Also recognizes problems that are difficult to track, such as JavaScript.

The optimization potential is analyzed with scientific algorithms.

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Analyze and Plan

Today's need to constantly improve existing sites often leads to multiple defects in the web frontend. With Frontend Analytics, these phenomena can be detected more quickly, viewed independently and edited swiftly. Increase the quality of your website and therewith your conversion rate!
The product can be easily integrated into the existing frontend and no changes to the existing code are necessary (for example, the integration of analytics snippets is no longer needed). For the evaluation, Sevenval uses big data technologies and methods of artificial intelligence.

All Responsive?

Analyze error depending on the browser and device.

Manage your web traffic.

Analyze & manage the server load.

Identify priorities.

Which problems occur most frequently?