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Save Current Operation Expenses

The successful design of complex web projects begins with an analysis of the total cost of ownership. Every business should take into account the numerous updates for devices and their features, browsers and operating systems. This permanent need to continously adjusting and updating the own webproject is currently the largest driver of costs for responsive web projects, since costs of ownership are the factor with the biggest impact on return on investment.

Shorter Time To Market

Responsive design with full functionality across all devices is a standard users have come to expect. Companies will quickly feel the backlash in the form of losses in e-commerce and customer satisfaction when this standard isn't met: consumers will switch to more user-friendly platforms. In order to avoid being outdone by the competition, a short development time until launching a highly performant system is therefore essential.

Higher Conversion Rate

Nothing will boost your sales and enforce customer loyalty more than short load times. After three seconds of waiting, conversion rates will drop by 7 % with every additional second of waiting. Customers will not return to websites they perceive as being too slow - moreover, they expect full functionlity on all devices. With the help of the right processes and technology, you may increase your conversion rate and customer satisfaction by up to 20%.
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