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Fragmentation is caused by the rapid pace with wich new smartphones, tablets and hybrids such as phablets are released. Add to that updates for browsers and operating systems and the new features coming with them. From the technological point of view, the myriad of possible combinations of device, operating system and browser lead to a fragmented target group, since your customers are scattered over many small subgroups. That means you will only be able to reach them successfully when you can offer a technically perfect solution to each and every subgroup. Your website will therefore only be successful when you can respond to these varying, so-called delivery contexts. A RESS server is the right answer, since it will be able to serve these diverse subgroups properly. The server's database automatically recognises delivery contexts and provides content and processes optimized for each combination of device, browser and operating system. Using this web technology you may save up to 80% of your operating costs for a responsive website.

Aggregating sources

The backend of a company website is often divided into several systems like shop, CMS and databases. When these are not up to date, making the processes and content of these legacy systems available for highly performant, responsive front ends will be a challenge. Using our System aggregation this process can be simplified: Web projects on a tight deadlines will be able to go live quickly, because the data transfer will be possible without making changes to existing systems. For this, existing interfaces will be combined with web content without adjustming the source systems. Sevenval's Aggregation System provides a JSON and XML parser for REST-ful APIs while simultaniously providing a stable, performant HTLM parser for embedding and the use of existing web content. This enables you to use all possibilities of data transfer and processing, while also giving the freedom to design your front end the way you want to.

Frontend Performance

Nothing will affect your shop's sales and customer loyalty to your website more than its performance. First, decreasing the initial load time is crucial: several studies show that a load time of more than three seconds lead to a sharp drop of the conversion rate, which will decrease by 7% with every additional second. Many users who have to wait for more than three seconds for the website to load will not come back. Secondy, your customers are used to and expect full functionality - regardless of the device used to surf on your website (desktop, smartphone or tablet). Again, the RESS server lies at the heart of our approach since it will only load the optimized ocntent for each device. This means that load times may be reduced by up to 300%. Using this technology pays off immediately.

Total Cost of Ownership

A project isn't made solely of initial costs: the cost of any adjustments to new devices, features or updates may quickly lead to skyrocketing running costs for your web project. Already the cost of maintenance as one part of the total operating expenses of a web project have risen significantly. Expect further cost explosions unless the right toolchain is used to facilitate and automate ongoing adjustments to new devices. Therefore, a crucial step towards creating an efficient web presence will be the consideration of the total cost of ownership. A comparison of man-hours needed for bug fixing and updates with the investment into tools that will simplify and automate these processes is worth your while in any case.
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